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How to boxing for MMA left upper-cut (#5 punch)

The next inside punches we will look at are the upper-cut punches. The number 5 or the left upper-cut is used sometimes as a set up for the 4 punch. It is rare that a fighter has the power to knock their opponent out with the upper-cut. Mike Tyson would be an exception but we don’t all have his genetics. Picture the opponent’s chin protected by both his hands covered with boxing gloves; not easy to punch through that to hit the button but lift the head with the 5 and it’s ripe for the 4.
The main points for throwing a good left upper-cut are:
1. Lift and turn off the front foot.
2. Translate that turn through the entire body until the right shoulder is pointed behind you, rotating the left shoulder on the axis of your spine, keeping your head to the left of your opponent.
3. Connect with the chin, try to lift his head from inside the guard.
4. Bring the hand back to the face.


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