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How to boxing right hook for MMA (#4 punch)

The right hook is another very powerful punch, though, it is short enough to be considered an “inside” fighting technique. The torque on the punch is tremendous so it makes a for great knock-out but it has to be set up well. The same rules apply to the #4 as to the #2 punch except we don’t extend the arm at the end, it is kept in the hook position throughout. Some of the ways it can be set up are; from the outside with a low jab and a step to the right or with an upper-cut from the inside. As I have said many times; any technique will work with the proper timing, distance and accuracy.

The main points for throwing a good right hook are:
1. Push and turn off the back foot until the leg is straight and the heel is pointing outward.
2. Translate that turn through the entire body until the right shoulder is pointed at your opponent’s chin, the left shoulder replaces it to protect your own chin.
3. Connect with the chin, try to pull it across to his opposite shoulder.
4. Bring the hand back to the face.