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Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, defence – “The Bob”

The next type of head movement that we will look at is the bob. We have a couple different ways of avoiding straight punches but the hooks, overhand and big power right cross can be avoided by circling your head under the punch. The three elements to doing a proper bob are:
1. First, move the head away from the punch.
2. Drop with the knees and circle under the punch.
3. Come back up tucked and plant the foot for the counter punch or kick.


Boxing, Kickboxing headmovement – “The First FIve”

The first five:
Among the first things we get our students to learn is the first five head movements; this along with the jab and basic footwork allows the novice to start putting together some actual sparing. Slipping left and right are essential as you will be using this motion when you are changing angles to keep the head moving.

Boxing and Kickboxing for MMA – Slipping punches

Of all the different types of head movement slipping is the fastest and works very well to avoid straight, fast punches. It also aids in adding momentum to your lateral movements Slipping left and right will not help if your opponent is throwing looping punches like hooks or over hands and also they are no good for countering with power because you don’t build up any torque.  They are, however, fundamental to the jab game and keeping the head moving as you change angles.
The elements to the slip are:
1. “Slip with the hip” shoot your hip out to the left to move you head right and vice-versa.
2. When countering allow your opponent to come to you by a slight pause, then slip and counter. 3. Stay forward of your hips with your head.


In this old video Kurt shows a basic footwork drill with head movement and jab added. This is the first and most important drill in stand-up fighting and it is the basis of your shadow boxing practice. The foot work translates well to wrestling and MMA. Start out using the stick drill then move on to shadow box then add some random combinations.

The way we train our fighters at Carlson Gracie MMA is to have footwork, head movement and jab working constantly to keep the opponent busy while we strategize and look for openings and weaknesses from the corner. I call this “auto-pilot”
If a fighter does not have these 3 things absolutely mastered, they are not ready for the ring.

The three components of  “auto-pilot” are :

1. Footwork
2. Head movement
3. Jab